What is


YodaTrade is an advanced trading algorithm based on a state-of-the-art neural network model.




2 years of proven performance having traded multiple assets with an ever increasing yield over time in any market – bull or bear.




A diversified portfolio of volatile high-liquidity assets designed for long term growth.


Better than buy and hold

Any Asset

YodaTrade outperforms most traditional assets, indices and hedge funds while surpassing the market average by a significant margin.

OUR Products

Multiple product options powered by seamless integration.
Copy Trading

Get Yoda Rich by signing up for Yoda Copy Trading. Easy, safe and secure way of harnessing the Jedi power of trading with compounding capital gains.

Automated Trading

Co-pilot YodaTrade execution strategies with additional features for a master trader. Fine-tune and optimize triggers for managing your positions and the life cycle of your assets.

Trade Signals

Subscribe to YodaTrade signal alerts for maximizing your profit. Augment your performance with the predictive power of our AI model.

Personal dashboard

Customize and monitor the life cycle of your current trading strategy while visualizing your historical performance. Unleash the power of data insights on making pivotal decisions for your long term growth.


About technology


A self-learning protocol with high computation density for providing high-performance computing, while minimizing systematic errors and facilitating dynamic upgrades of ever improving models.

Neural Network Model

A carefully crafted and tailored system specifically designed for predicting the direction of the next quote prices in a probabilistic manner – regardless of the asset, time frame or market conditions.

trading algorithm

A comprehensive strategy extending the predictive models and applying state-of-the-art technology and scientific methods for profitable trading performance.


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Balance I shall learn.

Risk management I shall master.


Why should I use YodaTrade?
– High profits: up to 1,100% within the first year and more upon re-investing.
– Leading technology: our powerful platform is built on a custom high-end AI engine, which is implemented with the newest AI algorithms and deployed in a secure scalable ecosystem.
– Fully Automated: our sophisticated platform is entirely hands-off, not requiring any manual interaction.
– Secure: your funds remain in your account and your trades are executed via APIs, YodaTrade cannot withdraw or remove your assets.
– Easy to connect: no special skills or knowledge is required, a simple step-by-step instruction.
– Verifiable results: all the results including those that are provided for trades are disclosed publicly and available for verification.
– Ever improving model: our analytical model and our trading algorithms are constantly evolving so that their overall performance improves with each upgrade.

How can YodaTrade make profits?
Simply put, YodaTrade finds a trade with the highest probability of winning and always executes on that trade. It detects hidden trends, patterns and correlations in price fluctuation of a financial asset that could not be spotted by a human. Hence, it is able to outperform the market and be at least one-step ahead of most traders, as well as many other competing systems.

Why is YodaTrade stable and consistent?
The YodaTrade Jedi essence is mastering risk management. Manifesting this skill as a mindset is proven difficult for most retail traders who incur significant financial losses. The YodaTrade safetynet ensures minimal losses regardless of the market volatility. Temporary losses are continuously compensated by higher profits over time.

What makes YodaTrade reliable?
In addition to the superior AI-based technology that makes YodaTrade outperform the market, its performance has been continuously tested for over a year on multiple assets. The result shows that profits grow consistently over time while their growth does not depend on the market conditions or on a particular traded asset.

Is YodaTrade always right?
No. In fact, this would be impossible because price action is a quasi-chaotic process, which cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy. However, YodaTrade does not need to be always right because as in EVERY trading strategy, it only has to be right more often than not. This is achieved due to advanced quantitative calculation technology implemented in YodaTrade. As a result, its total profit-and-loss output is positive.

Why is YodaTrade better than manual trading?
Very few professionals can achieve performance close to that of YodaTrade for many reasons. One simple reason is the amount of data processing that YodaTrade accomplishes is enormous, which is unachievable for a human. YodaTrade does not make mistakes, the system keeps on executing on a single imperative - maximize profits while minimizing risks. The system is not emotional or fearful or greedy, nor does it need to rest or sleep. The system simply handles all orders instantly for all the traded assets and timeframes. Hence, YodaTrade is superior to a human in all those aspects.

YodaTrade is not only a trader but is a portfolio manager as well.
YodaTrade is a multi-layer multi-component predictive trading platform and an ecosystem. Its subsystems carry out complex optimizations, such as a balanced diversification among the traded assets, hedging against statistical volatility, and routing between the best-performing assets. This requires an implementation of a sophisticated decision-making algorithm, which has to balance potential profits, risk-management, stability and reliability of a trading process and more. As such, optimizing across those multiple objectives while maximizing your profit is YodaTrade’s proven strength. In fact, YodaTrade does NOT predict where the price will go. YodaTrade simply knows what the best probable action is, whether to buy or to sell, in order to increase your chances of achieving profit.

may the force be with you!